Fun Things to Do in Tampa Florida

Tampa is more than just the economic center of Florida and holds numerous locations that can brighten your stay within its borders. Tampa is most famous for its dozens of tourist locations filled with fun and exciting activities you can participate in. Busch Gardens is one of the best spots, perfect for families seeking thrill and adventure that comes with visiting an amusement park. Here are all the fun activities around Busch Gardens that you should consider checking out during your visit to Tampa, Florida.

Busch Gardens

You definitely must have heard of Busch gardens when planning for your trip to Tampa, Florida. The Garden is An African-themed adventure park explicitly tailored for a family setup and features loads of fun games and activities involving you and your family. Examples of fun activities are live music performances, thrill rides, and different exotic animal species in their natural habitats.

The Serengeti Night Safari is most popular among the older population. It allows them to take a safari into the glazing plains and see wild animals grazing on the fields. Animal encounters available during these trips are numerous, and you can get the opportunity to hand-feed giraffes and kangaroos.

Fun Things to Do in Busch Gardens at Tampa Florida

Soaring the Skyrides

Busch Gardens is the home of sky rides and rollercoasters across Tampa. You are guaranteed a bird’s eye view of the entire park from multiple rides within the park at an affordable price. Not only are these rides fun and adrenaline-filled, but you also get the chance to see all that the garden has to offer, from exquisite flowers to wild animals while high above the trees. It is also a means to move as it connects the Congo and Egypt areas on opposite sides of the land.

Explore Animal Paths

Busch’s Gardens hosts over 300 different animal species, and exploring the many animal paths present is the best way to see some. Lions, Hippos, and meerkats are good examples of some of the animals you may get to see when exploring these paths. The Jungala is where you can catch a glimpse of the tiger, while the Kangaloom is a space explicit to Kangaroos and Wallabies within the park’s fence.

Riding the Train

The Serengeti express is another ideal way to capture the natural essence provided by the park. This ride covers the entire African Serengeti, and its occupants get the chance to experience astonishing animal sights without taking long walks. Both children and adults can enter the train, and you may observe animals like giraffes, ostriches, and Zebras in their natural habitat. The ride is effective in animal seeing and also traversing within the park.


Fun things to do in Tampa, Florida, are inexhaustible, and the mentioned locations in this article are only a few of them. Visiting Tampa is not as expensive as other locations, as an average tourist will spend $119 daily when on vacation. Make the necessary arrangements for your visit to Tampa, and enjoy all these fun activities with your family.